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The organic pasture-raised pork that we have available is a favorite of our customers. The pigs are raised by another certified organic farm family in Eastern Wisconsin. Their pigs are raised on pasture and/or in hoop houses in a deep bedding during the winter months. While outdoors, they also have pastures that they eat from which have mostly clovers and some grass, and dirt. When the hogs are inside for the winter they get some alfalfa along with the grain ration.



          All of our Hams and Bacon are nitrate free!


Nutritional Information for Pork:


In order to assist retail stores that sell meat and poultry products to post point-of-purchase nutrition information, FSIS has created downloadable charts for printing. These charts show nutrition information for the major cuts of meat and poultry.  Click on the following to view the nutritional information for pork:


USDA Nutritional Facts Sheet, Pork



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